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“Madrinha is an extremely talented instructor and creative artist (her choreography is keenly attuned to the music). She is down to earth and encouraging of the talent and potential of students. ” -Lucy B. FL.

“ Madrinha is an excellent instructor with vast knowledge and insight! She is a delight to watch and gives instruction well. -Jennifer W. Fl.

“ I love attending your classes! You are so patient, super fun, and always throwing in something new! I am thrilled to learn from such a beautiful dancer and awesome instructor! ”- Sarah D. Fl.

" I have been taking classes with Madrinha for several years.  Not only is she an accomplished performer, but she is an excellent instructor.  Both of these qualities combine to make Madrinha the most magnificent instructor that she is.  I have learned so much from her classes and will continue to take them because they are just so enjoyable!!"- Dolores J. Fl.

"Madrin'ha is a beautiful professional who teaches in an encouraging and supportive environment. She takes her dance and instruction seriously and believes education with the dance styles themselves. I am always learning something new from her." -Jennifer

"Some people are not coordinated dancers.  That would be me.  Some people are not musically inclined.  Again that's me.  Some people don't pick up the steps easily.  I'm sure by now you get the idea-- I am so not a natural dancer.  However, I'm still learning and after years with Madrin'ha I can actually hear the beat, the melody and sometimes even a semblance of cadence.  So I started way below the curve.  Luckily for me Madrin'ha is patient and understands that at age 64 some of these movements, okay most of the movements, have to be explained--repeatedly.  No fear of being a clutz in this class. It's a safe space.  You can expect lots of different body shapes, ages and fitness levels in every class-- no judgement here.  And that makesdancing fun and doable.  And if I can learn to dance . . .  so can you." - Susan K.

"I have been learning bellydance from Madrin'ha for a long time and have never sought regular instruction from anyone else. She is a wonderful teacher and I love coming to class. More than just movement, she teaches various styles, dance energy and how to really perform a dance. I couldn't ask for a better teacher."


"What a wonderful teacher, she has a beautiful energy when she dances. She also breaks down the moves in a way that is easy to grasp. I look forward to learning more beautiful moves and getting in better shape.- Daniela
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