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 "Is a Multi-Award winning Middle Eastern Dance performer & educator. She shares her passion & knowledge of Egyptian Oriental Dance (Belly Dance) and Folkloric styles of Middle Eastern Dances, as well as her love for Persian Dance. She is a full time instructor offering weekly group classes and private coaching & mentoring in the Tampa Bay area. She is the Founder and Director of "Raks Al Malaika" an award winning Belly Dance performance team as well as “Meraki” her advanced dance team. The main goal of Madrin’ha Dance  is to deliver excellence in the dance community by helping her students reach their fullest potential. She is a patience, detail oriented, focused instructor. She works hard to ensure that her students have the correct knowledge of studies and safe dance techniques. Classes are fun, innovative and challenging. Private coaching is always available to students wanting to advance at their skills more quickly or those who prefer one-on one attention. Madrin’ha coaches and has help create award winning dancers to prepare for competitions and showcases. She is a choreographer and will choreograph when needed to suit the dancers specific style, show and performance venue.”


 "Great Body Movement Award"  2015, Dancing with Grace.

  "Master Performer Award" 2014, Dancing with Grace.

 "Highest Producer of the Year" 2013, Dance World.

  "2nd place winner MBC 2008" First Annual Miami Bellydance Convention.

 “Grand Champion Queen of Raks Sharki 2005” First Annual Ahlan Cairo Nights Competition

 Dallas, TX.

“Grand Champion of Sultanate al Raks Sharki 2005,”  Orlando, FL.

"Honorable Mention 2003"  Bellydance Super Star Southwest Competition"   TX.

"1st Runner Up 2003"  MEDINA Competition  St. Louis


Shireen (Am. Cabaret),

Delilah (Cabaret)

Eva Chernic (Turkish)

Laural Gray (Persian)

Dalia Carella (Gypsy Rom)

Kalina (Hawaiian)

Miriam Eli & Joe Zeytoonian (Folklore)

Fathiem (Am. Cabaret)

Gypsy Caravan (Tribal)

John Compton (Folkloric)

Jasmin Jahal (Egyptian)

Aziza(Am. Cabaret)

Hadia (Egyptian) 

Jillian (Am. Cabaret)

Angelika Nemeth (Egyptian) 

Tamalyn Dallal (Folkloric)

Zahra Zuhair (Egyptian)

Yousry Sharif (Egyptian Modern)

Nourhan Sharif (Egyptian)

Raqia Hassan (Egyptian) 

Dr Mo. Geddawi (Egyptian)

Farida Fahmy (Egyptian)

Mahmoud Reda( Egyptian Classic)

Dina of Cairo (Egyptian)

Yasmina of Cairo (Egyptian)

MoMo Kudos (Egyptian)

Asmahan (Egyptian/Latin)

Nagwa Faoud (Classical Egyptian)

Lucy of Cairo (Egyptian)

Randa Kamel (Egyptian) 

Soraya of Cairo (Egyptian)

Fifi Abdou (Egyptian)

Yamil Annum (Oriental)

Dandash (Egyptian)


Specialty dance training

Eva Chernic (Turkish Gypsy Rom)

Miriam Eli (Moroccan Shikhatt)

Champa Chamele (Classic Indian and Modern Film)

Dalia Carella (Dunyavi Gypsy)

John Compton (Traditional Village Folklore)

Fatima Al Wahid (Folkloric Vase Dance Upper Egypt)

Farida Fahmy & Mahmoud Reda (Reda Folkloric style)

And more..

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