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Madrinha Bellydance classes lessons instrution Symmetry Studio Fitness Tampa

Award winning Dancers & Choreographies!

Helping dancers succeed at reaching their dreams!


"Taking private lessons has been extremely beneficial to me in many major ways.  It has allowed me to focus on making critical improvements in my dance skills/arsenal in a "safe" environment.   It has been a true partnership with Madrin'ha by being able to hone in what I know I am challenged by and things she has observed.  I feel great confidence working with someone who has demonstrated their ability to teach dance in a way that works for the unique learning style of each  student.   With one to one guided coaching, Madrin'ha has been able to hone in even more on what would make me a better dancer.   We both have gained enlightenment on emotional, visual, and physical challenges that have been a barrier to being the dancer I can be.   I have felt and had confirmation there has been immediate improvement in techniques I have struggled with previously.   My self confidence about being able to transition more quickly with movements and understand musicality has improved which heightened my self-esteem.    At the end of a session, it has also been a boon been able to take away a concrete list of one or two things for me to focus on without feeling overwhelmed."- Lucy

 Madrinha is a great teacher and person as well. Her technique is excellent because of years of experience and training. Also, her musicality is very good and it reflects on her dancing.

   I've been training privately and in group classes with Madrinha. She was helping me with preparing for two competitions in which I placed 1st and 2nd. 

 I love how she listens to my needs, looks at my style and personality, and then comes out with ideas for beautiful choreographies. 

"I have taken dance classes from Madrin’ha Dance, who is an incredibly talented dancer and instructor, for several years.  She does a phenomenal job of breaking down techniques, and choreographies so they are simple and easy to understand as well as execute for all level of dancers/students. She also readily shares her vast knowledge/understanding of all kinds of music /musicality along with timing to help know how best to feel/connect with it and then dance to it.  Madrin’ha teaches you subtle nuances about dance and expression to be aware of depending on the type of music to which you are connecting /dancing to.   There is nothing more empowering that learning and working with someone who challenges me (and others) to be the best dancer they can. 

I have begun to consistently take private lessons with Madrin’ha to continue to refine my knowledge of musicality, appropriate dance energy and techniques.  As a result, in a short turnaround time, there has been an improved ability demonstrated to understand and express musicality better.  She has helped me be able to better express my creative abilities and I feel more confident I can express my love of belly dance in a manner that is more pleasing/dynamic.   I highly recommend Madrin’ha as a coach and instructor no matter what level dancer you are." -L.B.

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