Belly Dance Class Schedule 

Please note our Group classes are now offered Virtually on Zoom and in person. Please visit Book Online to schedule your class. In Person classes are limited to 6 students maximum with over 10ft of separation,

to safely social distance. 

5pm-6pm:Private lessons (call to book)
7PM-8PM: Meraki Dance Team Practice
6PM-7PM: Belly Dance Shimmy Fit (on Zoom)
7PM-8PM: Beginner Bellydance (in-person)
7PM-8PM: Beginner II
(on Zoom or in -person)
7PM-8PM: Drills & Props
11:15AM-1:15PM:Raks Al Malaika Team Practice
1:30PM-2:30PM: Mix Level Bellydance
(on Zoom or in-person)

 Available Now!

Pre-Recorded Weekly Classes!

Pre-recorded Mix Level Bellydance class

 June 27th,2020 

Class: Mix Level

Topic: Egyptian Dance Combinations

Music: Enta Omri

Class video includes:


Technique breakdowns

Rhythms drills

Dance combos

Practice w/ music

Dance tips & helpful advice

Personal feedback (upon request)


Running Time: 59 min.

Purchase of this video allows buyer to download and keep the video.

Cost: $12.00

Beginner Level 1




Focuses on Posture, alignment, body awareness. 

Technical breakdown of 4 -5 movements per session. 

Turns, Basic travel steps & short dance combinations. Basic Rhythms & history are covered.

(Pre-requisite: none)

Beginner  Level 2 

Builds on basic techniques. Students must have a good 

understanding of body alignment & posture. Classes focus on body awareness feet & weight placement 

and moving confidently. Layering skills are taught as well as more complex turns, traveling steps and

shimmies. More advanced combinations are covered. Students learn to dance on toes

and with level changes. Focus on Egyptian dance styles and music. Middle Eastern Rhythms

and  dance styles are introduced. Zills & Veil are used.

(Pre-requisite, successfully completed 3-6 months of Level I or with teachers approval.)

Belly Dance Shimmy Fit! 




This class is a great addition to Levels 1-4 for increasing endurance,

muscles strength and flexibility for better overall dancing !

Class focuses on dance drills, coordination, strength building, muscle toning, & overall body conditioning. 

We often work with Finger Cymbals, Veils, Canes or sticks. Students need to have their own finger cymbals

and veils. Sticks will be provided.  (All Levels)

Mix Level Open Class 


A great class for all levels! Move at your own pace. This class focuses on techniques

and dance drills to build stamina and endurance. Each week covers new material

and new movements. Students will use travel steps, layering shimmies and

work with directional changes, floor patterns & level changes. A great supplemental class to Levels 1-3.

*Required materials for all classes*




*Finger Cymbals


Belly Dance Performance Teams!


 "Raks Ya Rouhi"-Beginner Training Team:

If you've always  wanted  to learn to dance with a group and perform fun, exciting dance routines now's your chance!

 Experienced Beginners may join! Continue your Bellydance journey and develop your unique style! Have fun, make new friends and perform at our Hafla's and showcases.

Contact Madrin'ha for more details! 813-340-5101

"Raks Al Malaika" Dance Team: 

Mastery of Level 1 & 2 courses. Pre-Requisite- Minimum 1 year dance experience or by teachers approval.

Want to be apart of our team? contact us for a Meet & Greet! 813-340-5101


"Meraki" Dance Team: 

Mastery of Level 1 & Level 3 courses  minimum 4 years + dance experience or with teachers approval.

Madrin'ha Dance, LLC. 813.340.5101

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